GJA Special Editions

Getting the union voice heard 

A trade union guide to action on local authority retrofit and energy

The GJA believes greater union engagement with local authorities on climate policies is essential. In this guide we use our experience of working with the TUC, individual unions, and the education sector to offer practical suggestions for taking this forward. We’d love to get your feedback on how this is taking shape in your area

Energy Special Edition

Energy strategy; 12 Wasted Years

IEA 10 point Plan

Stats of the month

Corporate Courts vs

the climate

Insulation Special Edition

The urgent need for a retrofit campaign Paul Atkin Tahir Latif 

The Scottish model Roz Foyer 

The NEF/GND Great Homes Upgrade campaign  Aydin Dikerdem

How we could do it Wolfgang Kuchler 

How to train the skilled workforce we need Linda Clarke