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As well as Newsletters that try to cover a wide range of pressing issues every two months, we also produce Special Editions. These deal with one issue that is pivotal to the moment and bring together a range of views and initiatives on how to go forward.





Union Voice

Union Voice


Newsletter 39

Newsletter 39

July/August 2022

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Its more and more apparent that the labour and trade union movement has to step up, not just to get a voice in the green transition, but to try to make sure that we have one at all.

This Newsletter aims to be a tool to help activists do just that.

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Newsletter 38

Newsletter 38

May 2022

Four answers to the energy and climate crises

The rapidly increasing costs of fossil fuels in the context of “post pandemic” increases in demand, overlaid by the impact of the war in Ukraine and sanctions attendant on it that will get worse the longer it goes on, will drive mass discontent that will really hit home; particularly after the next rise in the price cap in October. The gaping climate holes in the government’s strategy are onshore wind and retrofitting. This makes agitational campaigns on both imperative.

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Newsletter 38

Newsletter 38

May 2022

Four answers to the energy and climate crises

The rapidly increasing costs of fossil fuels in the context of “post pandemic” increases in demand, overlaid by the impact of the war in Ukraine and sanctions attendant on it that will get worse the longer it goes on, will drive mass discontent that will really hit home; particularly after the next rise in the price cap in October. The gaping climate holes in the government’s strategy are onshore wind and retrofitting. This makes agitational campaigns on both imperative.

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Newsletter 37

Newsletter 37

March 2022

The Price of Gas

The government’s decision to fast track licences for 6 new oil and gas fields in the North Sea is a determined step in exactly the wrong direction.

It will do nothing to reduce energy bills. Development can take from 5-10 years before any gas or oil is actually produced, so there will be no short term impact on supply and therefore on price.

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Newsletter 36

Newsletter 36

January/February 2021

Between the COPs

Until we solve this crisis, or it overwhelms us before we can, we are now permanently between COPs. Targets now have to be ratcheted up at every COP.

As we move into 2022 and towards the COP in Egypt, carbon emissions are still increasing, intense weather patterns are wreaking havoc; and there are four crucial shifts pending.

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Newsletter 35

Newsletter 35

November/December 2021

COP and beyond. Don’t Despair – Organise!

We are in for a prolonged struggle. Every day the crisis gets worse we have the choice of passivity and despair, or action and hope. Every day we have to ask ourselves the questions, if not us, who? If not now, when? 

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Newsletter 34

Newsletter 34

September/October 2021

Government must put its money where its mouth is

After a summer of wildly turbulent weather, and as we head into the TUC and Party conferences, voters concern that climate breakdown is a serious issue has doubled; and is now second only to dealing with COVID in the front of their minds.

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Greener Jobs Alliance Newsletter No 33

July/August 2021

Mind the Gap

The popularity of a Green New Deal and Just Transition is driven by the prospect of millions of new jobs: their necessity by the terrifying reality of climate change impacts that are becoming more intense with every day that passes.

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Greener Jobs Alliance Newsletter No 32

May/June 2021

From the G7 to the COP

The announcement of a net-zero 2060 target by China and the election of Joe Biden in November began to break the logjam blocking the Paris Agreement.

But we require a structural shift in priorities if we don’t want the future to burn through our hands. The new pledges currently being made would take us to a 2.4C average temperature increase by century’s end; down from the 2.6C previously projected. Current policies and practice, however, still have us heading for 2.8C (a world of chronic water and food shortages, flooding coastal cities, overwhelmed and collapsing states).

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Greener Jobs Alliance Newsletter No 31

March/April 2021

Budget. Where are the Green Jobs?

Speaking at the annual conference of the Association of British Insurers in February, the Chief Executive of the Environment Agency Sir James Bevan said, “What they teach you at Harvard Business School is that the main thing is to make sure the main thing really is the main thing. There is only one main thing: the climate emergency.”

Although this speech is on the government web site, no one sent that memo to the Chancellor.

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Greener Jobs Alliance Newsletter No 30

January/February 2021

‘Government falls at the first hurdle of Build Back Better’

This government has been keen to adopt terms like ‘green industrial revolution’ and ‘build back better’ as part of its posturing on the recovery from the pandemic. Now, on 18th January, Prime Minister Johnson unveiled the Build Back Better Council made up of bankers, oil giants and aviation firms.

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Greener Jobs Alliance Newsletter No 29

November/December 2020

10-point plan for a Green Industrial Revolution

On November 17, Prime Minister Johnson broadcast to the nation his ‘10-point plan for a Green Industrial revolution.’ Except it’s not. What’s missing? A strategic plan to reach net zero by 2050 and the public investment in jobs and skills to match.

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Greener Jobs Alliance Newsletter No 28


Editorial: When will this government see the green light?

Both the TUC and the CBI are urging the government to invest now to create over a million new green jobs in response to rising unemployment and the COVID-19 crisis. As the Tories’ ‘furlough scheme’ comes to an end, the TUC is calling for a new Job Protection and Upskilling Plan. New support for businesses must come with strings attached, unions say, to promote decent work, protect jobs and give union rights. Meanwhile, the CBI, the employers’ organisation, says we face ‘two seemingly separate yet fundamental problems: Covid-19 – the biggest health crisis in living memory – and climate change, the defining challenge of the modern era.’

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Greener Jobs Alliance Newsletter No 27

July/August 2020

Please spare us another ‘world beating’ claim

On 21 July, Prime Minister Johnson announced a £350m ‘green funding package’ to support efforts to drive down carbon emissions from heavy industry, construction, space and transport. He said it would ‘fuel a green, sustainable recovery from the Covid-19 crisis. He added, ‘We’ve made great strides towards our net zero target over the last year.’

Meanwhile, out in the real world, the Committee on Climate Change says meagre progress has been made over the last year to build the foundations for the transition to a net zero emissions economy. As we report below, exhausted from trying to get the Prime Minister to act, the government’s independent advisers have now resorted to direct appeals to Ministers.

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Greener Jobs Alliance Newsletter No 26

May/June 2020

‘A stronger, fairer, greener country’

‘We can emerge from this crisis a stronger, fairer, greener country’, says the #BuildBackBetter campaign. Ministers are preparing to unveil an economic stimulus package in early July, in an attempt to stave off what is expected to be the biggest recession in living memory following the coronavirus crisis. But the TUC says government must learn the lessons of the coronavirus crisis. It wants A Better Recovery programme, combining ‘making work fairer’ with a massive new investment in public services and low carbon projects. A second TUC report, Cutting Carbon, Growing Skills, says ‘working people must be equipped with the new skills and training for the better economy.’

Greener Jobs Alliance Newsletter No 25

March/April 2020

CORVID-19 lessons for the climate crisis

The unprecedented, government-led, global response to the coronavirus models how the climate crisis needs to be addressed. At some point this year, when we turn our attention back to the climate crisis, we will be much the wiser for having re-learned the meaning of community solidarity, responsible government and expert advice. Hopefully we will now appreciate the dangers of scientific ignorance in response to a major threat.

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The following newsletters have been archived.

Please contact us if you would like to view them.

Greener Jobs Alliance Newsletter No 24

January/February 2020

Building a UK climate movement

We have 10 months to go until the United Nation’s 26th international climate conference opens in Glasgow on 9th November 2020, and an awful lot to do in that time. But, taking inspiration from the half-million people on the streets of Madrid in December and the fantastic People’s Summit and other activities organised there, we know that together we can do it

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Greener Jobs Alliance Newsletter No 23

November/December 2019

The Climate Election

The UK general election is the chance to put the climate crisis centre stage and Labour has risen to the occasion. Launching Labour’s election manifesto, Jeremy Corbyn promised to release a green industrial revolution creating a million green jobs, revive the UK’s manufacturing heartlands and put the UK on track for a zero-carbon energy system in the 2030s.

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Greener Jobs Alliance Newsletter No 22

September/October 2019

Unions back Youth Climate Strikes

Unions will be backing the Youth Climate Strike on 20 September. The plan, agreed at the Trades UnionCongress (TUC) annual conference in Brighton (September 10th), is for ‘30-minute workday campaigns’ across the UK. As Jo Grady, University and College Union told the conference, ‘The Youth Climate Strikes movement is one of the most impressive forms of mass action in recent years.’  The education union’s general secretary asked, ‘How will young people forgive us if we let them down, whilst they are building a movement at this pivotal moment for the world’s climate?’

Or, as Unite’s Steve Turner put it, ‘Unions will back the school strikes on September 20th. If we don’t, we will be seen as irrelevant.’

Greener Jobs Alliance Newsletter No 21

July/August 2019

Making our mark on ‘Earth Strike Day, 20 September

The University and Colleges Union (UCU) will urge delegates to the TUC’s annual Congress in Brighton (September 8-11) ‘to call a 30-minute workday solidarity stoppage to coincide with the global school student strike on the 20th September.’ At least three unions, with some 345,000 members, (UCU, PCS and the Bakers’ Union) have already declared their support for a climate emergency.

Greener Jobs Alliance Newsletter No 20

May/June 2019

Tipping points for planet and union movement

What will it take to release trade union energies to confront the climate emergency? Across the Arctic, large amounts of methane from rotting vegetation are trapped in permafrost. When scientists broke the ice in a demonstration watched by millions in David Attenborough’s BBC film, Climate Change, the facts, they ignited a bubble of trapped methane gas as it escaped. Vast expanses of the Arctic region, are fast approaching the tipping point when millions of lakes across the Arctic will release uncontrollable quantities of methane gas once they unfreeze. Methane is 40 times more potent as a greenhouse gas than CO2.

Greener Jobs Alliance Newsletter No 19

March/April 2019Just Transition – What Just Transition?

News that the Scottish Government has awarded most of a multi-billion contract for offshore wind manufacture to firms in Belgium and Spain questions why Scotland ever set up the world’s first Just Transition Commission? The offended unions Unite and the GMB, whose members have lost jobs and skills opportunities, rightly say, ‘There’s no ‘just transition’ or ‘green jobs revolution’

Greener Jobs Alliance Newsletter No 18

December 2018/January 2019

Wake Up Call! 1.5 to Stay Alive!

Thousands of protesters, led by the Campaign Against Climate Change, marched in London ahead of the UN climate conference in Poland demanding radical action to curb climate change. On 3 December, as politicians, officials and scientists from 195 nations assembled, the World Meteorological Organisation warned that the ‘window of opportunity to halt climate breakdown is almost closed.’

Greener Jobs Alliance Newsletter No 17

October/November, 2018

UN Climate Report – final wake-up call

In a year in which extreme weather has battered every part of the planet, the UN’s scientific panel has issued its most critical report ever on climate change. Leading scientists, adding up all the promises to cut carbon made by countries signing the Paris climate agreement, conclude unanimously https://bit.ly/2pA6aKo that these ‘commitments’ would see the world heat up by more than 3 degrees C by the end of this century …

Greener Jobs Alliance Newsletter No 16

July/August, 2018

Unions united have a unique opportunity to shape Labours policy…

There is much to welcome from this summer’s round of union conferences.Unite came out firmly against fracking, PCS decided to campaign for a Just Transition Act, and the Bakers’ union, champions of the McDonalds strikers, launched a new green newsletter, Green Stuff.

Greener Jobs Alliance Newsletter No 15

May/June, 2018

Get in touch with the zeitgeist

When it comes to tackling the climate crisis, the Conservatives are well out of step with the general public. Onshore wind and solar power projects, starved of government backing, command huge public support (over 87% in one poll). The result? Green investment here has ‘plummeted to its lowest level for ten years.’

Greener Jobs Alliance Newsletter No 14

March/April, 2018

Just Transition

In this Newsletter, we are launching a new Joint Statement on Just Transition, and would urge you to offer your organisation’s support. Global trade unions successfully campaigned to have a commitment to a ‘just transition’ inserted into the UN’s Paris Agreement in 2015. What happens next here in the UK will determine if this term has any meaning.

Greener Jobs Alliance Newsletter No 13

January/February, 2018

A future which doesn’t cost the earth

The UK government must issue firmer, more ambitious decarbonisation policies as a “matter of urgency” if it is to meet its legally binding carbon reduction targets. So says the Committee on Climate Change (CCC), the government’s independent climate watchdog, in its formal response to last November’s Clean Growth Strategy.

Greener Jobs Alliance Newsletter No 12

November/December, 2017

Bonn climate talks – unions zone in on Just Transition

Trade unions from across the globe headed for the international climate change talks in Bonn (November 6-17th) with a single purpose: to hold governments to their word that the Paris Agreement endorsed by the UN in December 2015 would ‘Take into account the imperatives of a just transition of the workforce and the creation of decent work and quality jobs in accordance with nationally defined development priorities.’

Greener Jobs Alliance Newsletter No 11October, 2017

Our economy is in the wrong hands 

A landmark study of public opinion in the UK since the General Election has found widespread support for Labour’s nationalisation agenda, and much less support for free enterprise. More than three-quarters of the public say that water, electricity, gas and railways should be in the hands of the public sector. Great then that unions have caught the new public mood.

Greener Jobs Alliance Newsletter No 10

August, 2017

Another world is possible

Words are powerful and can shape our understanding. Dull words like ‘environment’ don’t sparkle. Scientist George Monbiot argues that , “If we called protected areas ‘places of natural wonder’, we would not only speak to people’s love of nature but also establish an aspiration that conveys what they ought to be. Let’s stop using the word environment, and use terms such as ‘living planet’ and ‘natural world’ instead, as they allow us to form a picture of what we are describing. Let’s abandon the term climate change and start saying ‘climate breakdown’. Instead of extinction, let’s adopt the word promoted by the lawyer Polly Higgins: ecocide.”

Greener Jobs Alliance Newsletter No 9

June/July, 2017

Caroline Lucas said, “It beggars belief that this election has been almost environment-free when we face an air pollution crisis, a climate denier in the White House, the threat of an extreme Brexit and accelerating climate change.”

She’s right of course. Both Labour and the Green Party manifestos presented voters with some of the most progressive and democratic environmental choices ever. Yet in reality, the issue disappeared from the debate.

Greener Jobs Alliance Newsletter No 8

May, 2017

The Earth has a message for politicians in this election, and so do we. Measurements taken from Hawaii’s Mauna Loa Observatory show that carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere just reached concentrations not seen in three million years. Trump may despise science and love fake news. Theresa May can sell off our only Green Investment Bank and fake action to deal with toxic air in our cities, as we report here. But the condition of the planet doesn’t lie.

Greener Jobs Alliance Newsletter No 7

April, 2017

There’s no escaping the reality that unions are at the heart of the fight against climate change. No blind eye turning will help. No heavy hearted ‘jobs-versus-environment’ get outs. Fossil fuels are polluting the very air we breathe. Yet the transition from fossil fuels is ‘neither imminent nor inevitable’, as we report from a new TUED study. Trump has split the US labour movement by reversing President Obama’s ban on two trans-America pipelines. With average wages falling, what’s not to like about Trump’s promises of more oil and more steelmaking jobs?

Greener Jobs Alliance Newsletter No 6

February/March, 2017

The tame phrase ‘climate change’ hardly does justice to the universal carbon pollution that is choking our cities, acidifying the oceans, disrupting seasons with unbounded extremes of heat and cold, and magnifying storms and droughts. As we report here, one impact among many is on 140 million people displaced through climate-related disasters in the past six years. The risks will redouble in coming decades, reversing years of development activity and driving up inequality in the global South.

Greener Jobs Alliance Newsletter No 5

January, 2017

The impact of a Donald Trump presidency has not taken long to emerge. The new White House website refers to an ‘America First Energy Plan’, getting rid of ‘burdensome regulations in our energy industry’ and scrapping Obama’s ‘Climate Action Plan.’ There is no mention of climate change, only the unlimited use of coal, shale gas and oil. The environment is reduced to protecting air and water.

Greener Jobs Alliance Newsletter No 4

December, 2016

The three months since we re-launched the Greener Jobs Alliance has seen quite a few highs and lows. At the international level we had the coming into force of the Paris Agreement at the same time as a victory for Donald Trump in the US elections. Now we’ve had the latest announcement that a climate change sceptic, Scott Pruitt, has been put in charge of the Environment Agency. It has inevitably raised huge concerns about the future direction of US policy.

Greener Jobs Alliance Newsletter No 3

November, 2016

Welcome to the third edition of our newsletter. It has been written against the backdrop of the election result in the USA, and the start of the CoP22 meeting in Marrakech.

Greener Jobs Alliance Newsletter No 2

October, 2016

Welcome to the second edition of our newsletter. In it we report on debates and decisions at the TUC and Labour Party last month. We also continue our assessment of the steps needed to transform the economy to meet the challenges of a low carbon future.

Greener Jobs Alliance Newsletter No 1

September 1, 2016

Welcome to the first monthly newsletter from the GJA. We intend to bring you the latest information on trades unions and the environment. You can sign up for these updates by using the CONTACT or REGISTER AS A SUPPORTER tabs above. This is a free service and does not imply agreement with the content of the reports and articles listed. Finally, please contacts us with your views and any updates you would like us to promote. We can be contacted through our email gjacoms@gmail.com