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The Greener Jobs Alliance promotes skills training and job creation to grow low carbon sectors and green the whole economy.

Transition to a zero-carbon and resource-efficient economy drives sustainable economic recovery and job creation and makes existing jobs more secure. This requires a strategic national and local approach to deliver the skills needed and stimulate demand for clean energy and energy efficiency services.

The Greener Jobs Alliance liaises at a national and local level to build the broadest possible support for the policies, investment, partnerships and commitments needed to drive the transition to a low carbon economy because:

  • Employers will not ‘green’ their operations without a clear national policy and incentives,
  • Workers need job security which current policies don’t ensure
  • Education providers will not support the development of new training programmes unless they can see a local demand for the courses offered
  • Households and businesses will not be able to introduce low carbon options if there is a lack of skilled staff capable of doing the work
  • The Greener Jobs Alliance works with training bodies, colleges, universities, employers, local and national government, trade unions, housing associations, campaign and community groups – to build the policies, investment and partnerships needed to drive the transition to a zero-carbon economy.

Supporting organisations include: UNITE, PCS, NEU, UCU, SOSUK, Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, Haldane Society of Socialist lawyers…

News & Debate

Challenger expedition reveals ocean warming

Challenger expedition reveals ocean warming

By Philip Pearson Challenger, the great ocean expedition of the 1870s, is now providing evidence to support the UN’s urgent warnings this week (5 April) that ‘It’s now or never’ if the world is to stave off climate disaster. The evidence is brought together for the...

What is the Net Zero Scrutiny Group? Part 2

What is the Net Zero Scrutiny Group? Part 2

So, let's have a look at the social class credentials of some of the people who run Net Zero Watch and the Net Zero Scrutiny Group, the former from an office in Tufton Street shared with a number of right-wing think tanks, and who all seem to be "posh folk" telling...

Austerity Protests highlight costs of fossil fuels

Austerity Protests highlight costs of fossil fuels

Protests in more than 26 towns and cities up and down the country on 12th February at the growing cost of living squeeze should hasten the shift away from fossil fuel dependency. A 250% increase in the wholesale price of gas makes a shift to renewable energy even more...

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