Greener Jobs Alliance Discussion Document

Rescue and Recovery – unconditional or with strings?

This discussion paper has been published to inform the debate around the policy framework needed in the current economic and health crisis. The GJA is a loose coalition of organisations including unions, student and environmental organisations and the views expressed in this paper do not necessarily reflect the position of all the organisations that we work with.

Photo: Tim Dennell

It is widely anticipated that the 2019/20 Covid-19 pandemic will be followed by a worldwide recession. Only the magnitude and possible range of impacts remain unknown, but the negative economic consequences for the UK are predicted to outstrip those following the world wars of the 20th Century, and financial crash of 2008. Millions of jobs will be lost as businesses, closed by lockdown, never reopen and enterprises fail.

Without determined political decision-making by government, workers and their families will suffer extreme social and economic hardship. Gains to the environment, health benefits and the 1700 fewer premature deaths saved by reduced pollution and atmospheric CO2 during lockdown will be sacrificed. Further, political decisions not informed by climate science will lead to an acceleration in fossil fuel consumption amounting to a catastrophic game of catch-up where cumulative increases to CO2 in the atmosphere will be exponential.

These real threats give rise to pressing political questions which include: Should the political priority for public investment be conditional on the principle of ‘Build Back Better’?

PDF-Icon.png  Download the discussion document here.


PDF-Icon.png Comment on the TUED ‘Trade Unions and Just Transition’ Working Paper No.11

The GJA has published a response to the TUED paper on ‘Trade Unions and Just Transition’. It has been written as a contribution to the debate on one of the most important issues facing the labour movement.

PDF-Icon.png Report of PCS Green Forum –  November 2016 – Birmingham

The Public and Commercial Services trade union (PCS) holds a forum each year for their environmental activists. The report of the 2016 meeting has just been produced. It contains a wealth of positive ideas on how workers should mobilise around environmental challenges. This is the kind of initiative that should be replicated in unions across the UK.


Shared learning from the 2016 Green Gown Awards

After a hugely successful Green Gown Awards, we are delighted to share, free of charge, the projects and learning that makes the Awards what they are. With over 90 judges voting on 115 finalists from across the sector, the Green Gown Awards are a great example of the power of working together to push the sustainability agenda forward!View the resources, videos and case studies from Winners, Highly Commended and Finalists and get inspired! 

New Insight Guides
The EAUC has been working with its corporate partners to produce a range of Insight Guides, giving specialist insight into a range of topics related to sustainability. You can access the two latest insight guides below and find more by searching for ‘Insight Guide’ on the Sustainability Exchange homepage.

Interface’s Insight Guide on Education for a Circular Economy looks at the innovative steps Interface has taken towards a circular economy model and the positive impacts this approach has environmentally, socially and economically.

CDL’s Insight Guide: Is your institution achieving compliance when recycling ICT assets? Examines the changing landscape of Data Protection and how institutions can stay compliant, safe and sustainable when recycling unwanted ICT equipment.

Resource Focus- SORTED Guide to Sustainability In Colleges (Further Education)

Our updated SORTED Guide has been created specifically for Colleges and other providers of Further Education. By providing easy to navigate, clear and relevant information, this Guide is the go-to place for colleges looking to further their sustainability ambitions and to embed sustainability into every part of their organisation.

The Guide provides colleges with a starting point, plus inspiration and signposts to places of more information. The areas covered by the guide include:

Latest Resources

New resources are being added to the Sustainability Exchange every day. We have highlighted a selection of these below to give you a sample of what you can access, free of charge, on the Exchange.

PDF-Icon.png Green Skills manifesto 2013

PDF-Icon.png Go Green at Work – TUC Handbook

A 3-part handbook with practical guide to taking action in the workplace, which we hope will inspire you:

Taking action gives guidance on researching the environmental perf ormance of your workplace and negotiating for improvements, and includes a list of suggested workplace activities (see p11-12).

Understanding the issues covers tips on specific issues (like heating, electricity, water use or transport).

Resources includes a model agreement, terms of reference for a Joint Environmental Committee and the union green rep role; a jargon buster, guidance on measuring carbon and energy and putting on green events at work.

PDF-Icon.png Ban the Bottle Factsheet

WWW-icon.png Trade Unions for Democracy Resources


VideoIcon.png.jpg UCU videos on ‘Students and community engagement’

UCU has been involved in the production two five minutes videos that illustrate the award winning work we have been doing in south west London.