What a Just Transition in the North Sea looks like

Jun 6, 2023

Wind Turbine New Jobs for Old! Photo: Creative Commons

New Jobs for Old! Photo: Creative Commons

New oil and gas exploration is incompatible with stopping climate breakdown. The trade union movement will not defend its members jobs – or their future – by digging in on energy sources that will doom us unless we doom them. We need to be leading the move away from them with clear demands for a Just Transition. 

Unions affiliated to the Labour Party, especially those on the Party’s Just Transition Commission should be putting the demands that oil and gas workers themselves have developed through working with Platform and FOE Scotland. These are explored in this timely meeting on Wednesday. 

Please publicise it widely.

Online Trade Union briefing on Climate Justice in the North Sea 

Wednesday 7 June 


To achieve a just transition Oil and gas workers, their unions and communities, must be meaningfully involved in the phase out of fossil fuels and the shift to more sustainable jobs.

This briefing addresses how, as trade unionists, we reconcile the urgency of stopping new fossil fuel infrastructure with ensuring oil & gas workers are on board and driving the change themselves.

Speakers Rosemary Harris from Platform is one of the authors of the 2023 Our Power report and Bibi Elberse from the Stop Rosebank campaign and an organiser at Tipping Point UK.

There will be opportunities to ask questions to the speakers as well as discussion groups to reflect on what we can do.

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