Air Quality – a trade union issue

Module 2: Law and Government Policy Quiz


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#1. What date was the first UK Clean Air Act?

#2. European Union legislation controls the amount of air pollution being emitted by member states. What date did the UK become a member of the EU?

#3. If any country in the EU breaches the limits set out in the legislation, they can face huge fines from the European Commission.

#4. Every year since the 2010 Air Quality Standards Regulations became law, the UK has broken air pollution limits.

#5. In 2011 the campaign group, ClientEarth, took the UK government to court over illegal levels of which air pollutant?

#6. In 2015 after numerous court cases and appeals, the Supreme Court ruled in favour of the UK Government.

#7. In May 2017, the Government finally published its proposals to tackle the air pollution crisis. Which of the following do not appear in its proposals?

#8. How many people in the UK are living in areas where nitrogen dioxide pollution is above legal limits?

#9. Air pollution is increasingly recognised as a human rights issue

#10. What percentage of people favoured a new Clean Air Act according to a recent YouGov poll?